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How my life changed

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I am Rocio, Ignacio's mom, a beautiful boy who came to transform my life and fill it with purpose.


Motherhood made me discover a new passion for baby sleep. So much that I decided to make a change in my life to become a child sleep advisor and thereby contribute to having more and more well-rested children and families.


I know first-hand how important a good night's sleep is and the multiple benefits it brings to the whole family.

I believe...

  • ... in respectful parenting, where there is a balance between accompanying the child and allowing the child to explore the world on their own. In this approach, the role of parents is to lovingly guide and assist their children in their explorations and responding to their needs.

  • ... in the importance of good sleep habits in children for healthy cognitive and emotional development.

  • ... that sleep plans should be tailored according to each child's developmental stage.

  • ... that a well-rested family has many more opportunities to create positive interactions with their children.

My techniques

The techniques I use to help a child learn to sleep independently aim to minimize their frustration and maximize their calmness, also of the family during the process.


My plans encourage parents to accompany their children so that they feel seen, heard, secure, and regulated, while giving them the time and space to discover and learn how to fall asleep independently.


They also promote adjustments in schedules (according to the child's developmental stage), routines and sleep environments.


All of this together is what leads us to achieve good sleep habits.

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Changes for the baby

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A sleep process can be a significant change for many children because it involves replacing a deeply grown up previous habit (such as falling asleep while drinking milk or being held) with new sleep associations (like a dark room, white noise, and their crib).


This process of change will surely generate discomfort and frustration, which will likely be reflected in crying.


Crying is a natural response and a form of communication for babies in any situation that presents a challenge for them.


Crying during a sleep process is how babies express: "I don't know how to fall asleep! I'm tired! Why are they changing things? They're supposed to put me to sleep as they always do. This is frustrating and I don't like it."


It's important to understand this and know that the crying should gradually decrease in both quantity and intensity as the nights go by.

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Respecting the baby

Through a respectful sleep plan you will be teaching your children that it's okay to feel sad, upset, or frustrated.


In life there will be difficult challenges, but in these situations they can always rely on their parents and that you will always be available to accompany them, guide them, and provide them with security.


For me this is the true value behind a comprehensive and respectful sleep plan, in addition to bringing the peace and rest that families desire so much.


My goal is to maximize rest and family well-being by empowering parents with tools to achieve their desired sleep goals for their children without compromising their parenting style.

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Since we started our sleep plan it gave us a lot of structure and peace of mind that we are doing things the best way. LetSleep took care to get to know our family and our parenting style, adapting the sleep plan to get the best results. In just a few days we went from having several nighttime awakenings to our baby learning to fall asleep independently. LetSleep Babies has restored sleep to the whole family, giving us the energy to enjoy this beautiful stage of our lives.

Camila Vargas

8 Month Baby

When Victoria was 8 months old we started sleep training and it was a total SUCCESS! We went from getting up 2-3 times in the morning to our baby going through the whole night without waking up. Even her mood and appetite changed for the better. In 4 weeks of dedication, with Rocio's help we saw incredible changes and everyone in our house is rested and happy!!!! The best investment :)

Ileana Mitjavila

8 Month Baby

...The process with LetSleep Babies was personalized, age-appropriate, breastfeeding-friendly and took all of our preferences into account. Even some of the strategies were totally new to us and were very effective, and we received immediate support and suggestions from Ro every day until we set our goals. There are always unforeseen events and this helped us to maintain consistency in our routine, trust the plan and avoid improvising. Now that we have several months of consolidated sleep, no nighttime awakenings, and were finally able to travel without children, we regret not having made changes earlier. It was definitely an excellent decision and we recommend LetSleep Babies for all families.

Leonora Bustamante

2 Year Old Child

Hi, I wanted to thank you for the workshop, it has really been amazing, with perseverance, patience and using the tips I learned I have managed to get my baby to sleep through the night in a row and we have really been able to rest and have very happy mornings.

Nathalie Solano

3 Month Baby

The workshop exceeded my expectations, the truth is very useful information that I did not know would help us so much with our daughter. From day 1 we started to implement the tools and they work 100%, thank you very much, this means a lot to our family because we can rest better too.

Justin Delgado

2 Month Baby

Our son Benjamin's sleep association was the breast and as he grew older it was increasingly difficult for him to fall asleep....
...After several days of implementing Rocio's methodology, the baby was sleeping independently with minimal intervention from us.

One of the things we enjoyed most about this change is the fact that daddy can also put baby to bed, do the whole routine and take turns with me every day. For me personally, it took a burden off my shoulders to feel that my breast is not an indispensable thing for the baby to sleep.

Alejandra Vargas

15 Month Baby

We really want to thank you, we are extremely grateful and happy to have met you and all that you helped us with Luquita. As Mari says, every time we talk to a mom or dad we recommend her very highly. It hurts us to close the stage because the support has been incredible, but we knew it was coming... We will contact you again in the future for some advice :). Thank you so much!

Marco Castro

6 Month Baby