Everything for your baby's rest

From 0 to 6 months


Newborn Baby Sleep Fundamentals

Ideal for expecting parents or parents with a newborn aged 0-3 months.


Group workshop held monthly.

Limited spots available!


Format / Duration

2 Virtual Sessions, each lasting 2 hours


Establishing Good Sleep Habits from Early Age

Ideal for parents with babies aged 3-6 months.


Individual class.

Schedule your class!


Format / Duration

1 Virtual Session lasting 2 hours

Over 6 months

1:1 Session

Guidance and Confidence Boosting

Ideal for parents in need of support, guidance, and a confidence boost in navigating certain sleep-related situations with their child.


Ideal Timings, Routines, Nap Transitions, Sleep Regressions, etc.

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Format / Duration

1 Virtual Session lasting 1 hour

Sleep Plans

Customized for your baby/child and your sleep goals

Ideal for families who want to respectfully enhance their little one's sleep, promote independent sleep, reduce night awakenings, and improve napping.


We go at your child's and family's pace!


Format / Duration

Virtual sessions with daily support via WhatsApp once the plan is initiated